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Computer Services

Is it your first step in the world of computers or are you upgrading to a better machine?Computer services

It is good keeping up with technology and we do appreciate your transition. The process of setting up a PC requires addressing small issues. But, we understand your technical drawbacks and want to assure you that, it is not a matter of embarrassment. We will configure your PC into a usable and safe workstation.Installing the hardware at right place, setting up the wires, loading all desirable software and establishing internet connection – the list goes on and on. You are bound to devote considerable time towards an unwieldy process and, not to forget the frustration of troubleshooting certain issues, which demand expert knowledge.

Here are some of our great features, for which you would like to trust and appreciate our PC setting services:-

  • Plugging in devices like keyboard, mouse, speakers, along with printers, TV and scanners.
  • We assure to save hours of your precious time.
  • We make sure that the wires neither mess up, nor make the scene look clumsy.
  • Configuring all software programs, including operating system, system utilities and everything else.
  • Setting up networks, configuring email programs, turning on the digital channels and connecting PC to TV.
  • Restore all data from the backup.
  • Remove all those unwantedunneeded software.
  • Stop unnecessary Windows services
  • Use free software instead of paying annual service fees to big software companies
  • Protect your computer from any and every types of spyware and malware.
  • Speed up your computer’s overall performance.
  • Organize your files and folders.
  • Provide with constant backup for your system.
  • Troubleshooting at any point of time.
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Computer Repair
Computers are becoming more important in our daily lives. We specialize in providing consultative, preventative and the latest support services to help make sure your computer is running smoothly and that, you get the full benefit from the same. Our computer technicians take pride in delivering exclusive, easy-to-understand support that you can always rely on.
Also we can help you and your business on followings:

  • Broadband Installation
  • Wireless network setup and installation
  • Network troubleshooting by experienced and qualified engineers.
  • Sonicwall firewall and network security solutions.
  • Draytec firewall and network security solutions.
  • Billion firewall and network security solutions.
  • Cabling
  • Phone system installation and support
  • Free internet phone calls
  • Network design, Wireless Networking, Network setup, Network management, Network maintenance for Small Businesses.
  • Network maintenance contracts for medium and small businesses
  • Fast computer services, customised PC services, PC troubleshooting for London businesses and homes.
  • PC maintenance, server maintenance, emails setup, certified computer engineers, Engineer call-out service across London.