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Many people ask us…

Can you really get to us in two hours?

The answer is… we can.  As long as you are based within the M25.

Here is how we do it.

By underground

We are based just next to South Wimbledon station.  So it is easy for us to jump on to an underground train.

By scooter

As many of you will know, the advantage of a scooter is that you can zip through the traffic and get to your destination in half the time everyone else does.



By train and bicycle

weIl  need to travel outside London we will take the train.  At our train destination, we don’t need to rely on a taxi, we can just hop on our bicycle and be with you within a short time.

So… we can do it. 

We can be with you within 2 hours, if you need us.

However if you need quicker help, then we can access your computer from our own office and give you the help you need within 15 minutes.