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Office 365 as Services for Small Businesses

Office 365 as Services for Small Businesses

Office 365 is the name of a group of software and service subscriptions that enhances productivity and related services to its users. It is powered by the cloud thus making it easy to access your applications and files from anywhere using your personal computer, tablets or smart phones. An entrepreneur can use the mobile applications to monitor and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Microsoft Office 365 has beautiful add-ons features that enhances small businesses. You can share files with your co-workers from anywhere on the globe. For an entrepreneur who has offices in different locations, sharing files or information is made easy with this group of software. It completely removes communication glitch between the boss and his workers. They can have online meeting using audio and video conferencing. Also, Microsoft Support provides telephone and online answers, “how-to” resources and connections with other Office 365 subscribers for quick fixes. This way, small businesses can have almost unlimited access to information and new ideas. A technician who is into laptop repairs can easily source information or quick answers using this application.

Another Office 365 feature that enhances small businesses is Yammer collaboration software. This application combines with business applications to connect you and your employees with the right people, share ideas, and organize projects through social networks. Microsoft Outlook can integrate with Windows SharePoint to provide a lot of new capabilities for subscribers. It allows users to edit documents, schedules and contacts in one location and have them seen by everyone using the system.

This group of software is secured, compliant and private in the cloud. Business information is safe as they are protected with utmost privacy. A business entrepreneur can manage Microsoft Office across his companies with no special IT expertise needed. It is very flexible using it to manage your companies’ affairs.

Another benefit to small businesses is that Office 365 versions upgrades are not needed. New features are automatically updated regularly. Again, for that technician, new laptop repairs ideas roll in regularly to keep him updated.

With Office 365, small businesses can design customized marketing materials that fit companies brand and clientele. It supports London businesses and markets thus enhancing more investments.

The Microsoft Outlook feature allows a small business owner to efficiently manage his time and be more productive. This is so because with Microsoft Outlook, he is able to manage his emails, schedules and contacts from one place. It makes storing and finding of information quick and easy. It can send and receive text messages. It is a great way to send reminders or information to people who are out of the office or on the road. Microsoft Outlook can also be configured to automatically send text messages regarding emails, schedules or other information based on specified criteria by small business entrepreneurs.

Microsoft Outlook calendar basic functions are easy to learn and there is also a lot of documentation from Microsoft detailing how to perform most tasks. Small business managers can use this application to organize their time. Although the calendar is a good tool for individual users, its ability to interact with other users is also of great benefit to managers of small businesses. They can publish their calendar and allow other users view it, schedule appointments and share contacts.

Microsoft Office 365 has sync features that allo entrepreneurs and their customers to communicate securely from any point. They can switch devices base on their preference or need. Lync allow small business owners familiar and consistent user experience between personal computer, phone, browser and tablets. This platform is reliable for real time communications between businesses and their customers. Entrepreneurs can reach their vision of unified communications on their own timeline.

Office 365 Publisher is an easy and less expensive alternative for small business companies who do not have professionals to design their marketing materials and other documents.

Business executives will find Microsoft OneNote very useful in managing their schedules and life generally. They can take and store notes in digital page form that also allows copying, renaming, deletion or merging of pages. Audio recording is possible with OneNote. The executive can dictate to the recorder and have the recording saved.

Furthermore, OneNote permits uploading of videos and photos either from the web or from the devices being used. Our hypothetical technician can also have access to video lectures that can help him do his laptop repair business very well. Notebook navigation is a time-saver that is good for very busy business executives as the screen functions like a folder sub divider. Entrepreneurs can store notes on the internet, view and edit information from any place using the Microsoft access OneNote. Company information can be accessed from any location at any time even on mobile devices.

Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint feature can help small businesses make commercial presentations with text, graphic and animation. The new added co-authoring capability to edit the same presentation allows you to work with people from different locations at the same time. You can even communicate as you work, directly from PowerPoint. Proposals, projects, seminars and workshop presentations done with PowerPoint can enhance business training.

Every business big or small, has data that require daily computations for proper analysis and Office 365 readily come handy. With good data entry system, companies can have better records that can help in analyzing, planning and projecting into the future. They can calculate to know if they are making profit or not.

Finally, MS Word can be used by businesses to write letters or any form of writings or essays. It makes for easy correction of spellings and formatting doc.